1000ml lead-free soda bottle

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DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Flip-top bottles are made from thick and durable glass for optimum resistance to impact and temperature changes. is made from premium quality polypropylene and wire cap is made from stainless steel for excellent corrosion resistance.
LEAKPROOF & AIR TIGHT CAP: The resealable cap makes sure the contents inside stay fresh as the day you stored it. Leak proof lid of brewing bottles creates an airtight barrier which keeps the beverages sealed and prevents carbonation and fermentation.
WIDE USES: Glass bottle with stopper can be used to store everything from juices, vinegar, beverages and water to oils, kefir, kombucha, beer, milk, syrups and much more. With the size of 1 liter, you will have plenty to serve at the next party.
SAFE & ECO-FRIENDLY: Swing top bottles are BPA free and do not contain any toxins, chemical, phthalates and lead, making them a safer option than plastic bottles. By using these reusable glass bottles, you can cut down the use of plastic in your house.

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Heavy Duty Construction:
The resealable glass bottles are made to last. They are made from durable glass which offers superior resistance to impact and temperature changes. Stainless steel wire closure and polypropylene caps offer excellent rust resistance and won’t chip or peel like chrome.
Safe for You & The Earth:
Materials used for making our bottles are 100% non-toxic, recyclable and safe for the environment. They are BPA free, lead-free and phthalates free which makes them a safer storage solution compared to plastic. By using this reusable glass bottles, you are cutting down the use of plastic in your home.
Secure & Leak Proof Cap:
Our glass bottle with stopper lets you store oils, beverages and every other liquid securely without worrying about messy spills. Clamp closure offers airtight preservation of liquids, making it perfect storage solution for wines, spices and condiment
SECURE, LEAKPROOF CAP: Each Glass Bottle comes with a handy plastic and silicone stopper that will tightly seal your bottle. Our airtight gaskets ensure your beverages won’t oxidize and will stay fresh and tasty much longer. Caps are easy to remove and put on.
PERFECT FOR MULTI-USE: Use your glass bottle with stopper to store oils, kefir, beverages, kombucha, Vinegar, Beer, Water or Soda. Slide in the airtight cap to preserve and maintain freshness of your favourite drinks and liquids.
DURABLE, TOP QUALITY: Coming in , these Brewing Bottles are made from sturdy, clear glass; perfect for long-lasting, repeated use. Our narrow neck design allows easy pouring without unwanted spills. No other better!
ENJOY RISK-FREE USE: All our swing top bottles are BPA, toxin, chemical and lead-free. You can now store your oils, beverages or water without worry over contamination. Available in a set of 6, we’ve ensured you will have enough bottles for use.
PREMIUM HEAVY-DUTY DESIGN: With a super-strong and thick glass body, our Flip Top Bottles are built to offer supreme resistance to temperature changes and accidental impact. To clean, simply put your bottle in your dishwasher.

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