1000ml transparent glass storage tank

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♦Materials – Lead-free glass materials, clean and transparent, healthy and environmentally friendly, can save a lot of space for your kitchen and cabinet, thus achieving better kitchen organization;
♦ Keep it fresh and waterproof – The stainless steel lid design enhances the sealing effect of the food can to keep the food fresh and waterproof;
♦ Versatile – The kitchen food storage container is ideal for storing a variety of ingredients, including candies, nuts, spices, oatmeal, cereals, biscuits, tea, milk powder, pasta, coffee beans, etc.
♦ Use occasions – Can be used in convenience stores, cafes, home kitchens, etc., widely used;

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Material: Made of high borosilicate glass, smooth surface, exquisite and translucent, high transparency and wear resistance.
Brushed stainless steel cover design, smooth edges, no graininess, corrosion resistance, wear resistance.
The inside of the storage cover is sealed with a silicone ring to seal against leaks, while avoiding the friction between the cover and the glass of the bottle.
The sealed can end is designed with a large-diameter bottle opening and thick edges for easy cleaning and placement of the contents.
The bottom of the tank has no melting point, and the hand feels fine. It is stable on the table and difficult to knoc

Made of high borosilicate glass, the surface is smooth, the texture is transparent, moistureproof, dustproof and insect proof.
The cap is made of high quality bamboo wood, and the sealing ring is made of silica gel, which is not easy to be deformed and effectively prevents food from oxidizing.
The sealed bottle mouth is designed with a large diameter bottle mouth for easy access and easy cleaning.
The bottom of the bottle is thickened, flat and has no melting point, and is durable and stable on the table.
A variety of specifications are available for easy storage and can be used for storage and storage of various foods.

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