100ml Travel cosmetics are bottled

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Beautiful chic Containers for cosmetics

Environmental Empty Refillable Cosmetic Cream Jar Storage Bottle Container Bottle

Perfect for sampling or saving eye shadows, makeup, creams and other cosmetics.

Good sealing performance, safety and quality standards.

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The empty cosmetic pots made of high quality plastic, sturdy enough, not easy to break, reusable
These empty pots are compact,all have lids,no need to worry about liquid or cream leakage
Perfect for storing samples of eyeshadows, lotions, lip balms, creams, ointments, acrylic powder, pigments, etc
These containers are lightweight they can be easily put into your makeup bag, ,handbags or backpacks,help you save space
Additionally used as a packing container, travel with these mini pots, will save a lot of trouble,more convenient to use
Adopted of high quality PP material, odorless and safe for use.
Easy to fill in solid things and not easy to spill out.
​​​​​​​It is very suitable for travel use or as sample bottle.
Reusable and refillable. Portable sizes for travel, trip, camping, etc.

Reliable material: these round plastic pot jars adopt good quality PET plastic, not easy to be broken, chemical resistance and impact resistance, keep everything neat and organized
Leak proof and airtight: the foam liner on the top lid creates an airtight seal to give protection for your things when the lid is securely screwed onto the container, so your slime or putty won’t dry out
Easy to use: these straight-sided and wide-mouth jars allow for easy filling and removing, non-leaking seal so your slime or putty won’t dry out, transparent bottle body easy to identify the contents of the bottle
Widely applicable: useful way to store and save your homemade cosmetic, body lotion, moisturizers, face masks, specimen collection, putty, lotions, fragrances, DIY slime, party favors, or other crafts, good tools in daily life

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