Glass Jar

  • Colored lotus glass candlestick

    Colored lotus glass candlestick

    Product material: glass, thick and sturdy.
    Product color; pink, amber, just scrub with a clean damp cloth or add a small amount of detergent to avoid long-term direct sunlight.
    Product placement: living room, bedroom, study, placed in the corner of the corner is a chic home furnishings, creating a romantic home atmosphere.
    Product design: the carving is delicate, the base is thick and stable, and the candlestick is not only a decoration but also a way of life.

  • 750ml food-grade mason jar

    750ml food-grade mason jar

    Food Preparation and Storage:
    The perfect jar to Prepare your Salads for work or any kind outing, and it is great to keep your diet with the same amount of food prepared for every day of the week
    Can and preserve your favorite jams and jellies and so much more.
    Food Storage:
    A great place to store oats, flour, sugar, dog food, or snacks! You can also store pizza sauce, salsa, gazpacho, broth, and maple syrup in the jars too!
  • 1000ml transparent glass storage tank

    1000ml transparent glass storage tank

    ♦Materials – Lead-free glass materials, clean and transparent, healthy and environmentally friendly, can save a lot of space for your kitchen and cabinet, thus achieving better kitchen organization;
    ♦ Keep it fresh and waterproof – The stainless steel lid design enhances the sealing effect of the food can to keep the food fresh and waterproof;
    ♦ Versatile – The kitchen food storage container is ideal for storing a variety of ingredients, including candies, nuts, spices, oatmeal, cereals, biscuits, tea, milk powder, pasta, coffee beans, etc.
    ♦ Use occasions – Can be used in convenience stores, cafes, home kitchens, etc., widely used;

  • 500 ml mason cup with straw

    500 ml mason cup with straw

    Durable clear glass mason jars with stainless steel lids and straws
    Perfect serving cups for blended drinks, smoothies and other cold beverages
    Ideal for wedding, bar, household, party, or any social gathering
    Great gift idea for friends and famil

  • Red transparent glass lotus candle cup

    Red transparent glass lotus candle cup

    • The lotus flower represents peace, purity and enlightenment.
    • Crystal Lotus Flowers are excellent conductors of energy.
    • Place this crystal near a window in your home to catch the direct sunlight shining along any wall. The crystal will break up the sunlight and create beautiful Decor in your home
    • Great for any Occasion or Decorating Need, Very Good Used in Bedroom, Home, as a Gift, Bars, Cafes, Restaurants, Wedding, Party and Other Romantic Places.
    • 7 Colors Crystal Glass Lotus Flower Candle Tea Light Holder Buddhist Candlestick
  • 500ml glass jar for food

    500ml glass jar for food

    Storage from Small to Large
    On one end of our spectrum, you can enjoy our regular mouth jar, an American classic that kicked off the home food canning craze. But there are plenty of modern uses for this popular size jar including layered cookie mixes, sand art and home made scrubs. Opposite the small jar, sits the big , wide mouth Ball Mason Jar which is ideal for preserving juices or apples, as well as a variety of other uses such as storing office or arts and crafts supplies

    Two Jars with Two Different Mouth Openings
    The regular mouth jars are tapered and offer a smaller opening at the top, while the wide mouth jars offer a larger opening at the top. There are unique benefits to each type of opening, and you can decide when and how to use each type in a manner that will benefit you and accommodate your needs.

  • 50ml mason jar

    50ml mason jar

    FOOD GRADE: Each mason jar is made of food grade materials, great for food storage. Durable glass body, silver lids are Lab Certified Corrosion-Resistant material and exceeds FDA safety standards.
    TIGHT SEAL: Ensure a quality seal with each lid. Beautiful and Practical, let your kitchen full of fresh sense of literature and art, retro sense, keep fresh for longer!
    VERSATILE &MULTIPURPOSE: Ideal for jam, jelly, baby food, wedding favors, spices, honey or their homemade gifts. Excellent for spice, herbs, pie and so on, perfect for kitchen, living room, bath and any occasion!
    DISHWARE SAFE: Dishware safe makes them so easy to clean up, or you can wash them with water and soaps, hassle free!

  • 500ml food-grade mason jar

    500ml food-grade mason jar

    This product is made of environmentally-friendly glass material, which is beautiful, durable, wear-resistant and has a long service life.
    The mouth of the bottle is smooth and round, and the mouth of the bottle is artificially polished.It is safe, smooth and round, and the bottom of the bottle is strong and thick.It is solid and stable.
    The color of the vase is the original color of the glass, which is hand-blown and has no post-treatment dyeing!

  • 600 ml glass mason cup
  • Food grade environmental 450ml original mason jar
  • 200ml food grade mason jar

    200ml food grade mason jar

    Easy to open lid: The Containers have swift and easy to operate lid
    Sheer, See through Lid: Easy to identify the contents without having to open each
    Shatterproof Body: A Novel Shatterproof body making canister impact resistant
    Stackable: You can stack the containers one over the other, Space saving canisters, Helps you to organize your kitchen
    This air tight is free from BPA (Bisphenol A), which causes health hazards when it comes in contact with food and liquids, ensuring a healthier lifestyle using Bisphenol A free Products

  • 450ml food-grade mason can with straw
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