High Boron Silicon Storage Tank

  • 1000ml transparent glass storage tank

    1000ml transparent glass storage tank

    ♦Materials – Lead-free glass materials, clean and transparent, healthy and environmentally friendly, can save a lot of space for your kitchen and cabinet, thus achieving better kitchen organization;
    ♦ Keep it fresh and waterproof – The stainless steel lid design enhances the sealing effect of the food can to keep the food fresh and waterproof;
    ♦ Versatile – The kitchen food storage container is ideal for storing a variety of ingredients, including candies, nuts, spices, oatmeal, cereals, biscuits, tea, milk powder, pasta, coffee beans, etc.
    ♦ Use occasions – Can be used in convenience stores, cafes, home kitchens, etc., widely used;

  • 240ml transparent glass storage tank
  • 500ml spherical transparent glass storage tank