Stained glass essential oil bottle 10 ml 20 ml 30 ml 50 ml

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This product supports: silk screen, hot stamping, frosting, spraying, the above processing requires the customer to provide the design manuscript, the delivery period is 7-10 days, small errors, color differences, etc. cannot be avoided, please contact customer service for details

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The main factor of essential oil bottling is hygiene, so our products are made of environmentally friendly lead-free medicinal glass, which does not contain harmful substances, is corrosion-resistant, compressive and wear-resistant, thickened silicone head, thickened anodized aluminum middle ring, thickened Glass dropper. The screw bottle mouth can prevent liquid leakage. The thicker bottle is lower and more wear-resistant, and is suitable for storage of various essential oils, essence water, essence, etc. The small bottle is beautiful to carry everywhere.

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